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Style & Decor

Bedtime Network's interior designer, Randy Florke, recommends that you keep your office energy and home/bedtime energy separate.  If that's not possible, he's got some great ideas on how to keep the work zone and bedtime zone co-habiting but NOT negatively impacting you.

Billy's got two new best friends and their names are Serena and Lily.

Just who are Serena and Lily?  A couple of stylistas; but it's also the name of Billy's favorite new website.

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Randy Florke is house hunting.  Along with his Bedtime Network experience, comes a freshly heightened sensitivity to possible bedtime disturbances.  Can he find the ideal home or will he have to settle?  Here's Part I of his House Hunting journey.

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Top of mind? "Top of bed," of course.  

Billy's kept you in the know as he hunted down the ideal mattress.  But now, his fun begins; how to make it GORGEOUS!

Here he is.  Mr. Gorgeous himself, with some hints from HSN, Nate Berkus and a few tips of his own.  

Top of mind?  Affordability with an occasional splurge.

Jump on top.

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Ta da....

Practicing all that he preaches, the final outcome reveals what he knew the whole time: the mattress is not the place to skimp.  Make it your best and hopefully, your sleep will be just that!

Find out what happened in Bradenton, Florida.

Good thing he got it right, or we might have had to call him home....

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Billy continues his exploration of "Fabulous Finds."  This week, we find our traveling Style man in Atlanta.  What is our "true blue" New Yorker going to find down south?  As you'll soon see, it's full of fabulous find goodies.  Who knew?

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Interior designer Randy Florke is feeling inspired by Sarah Medford's new book,  "At Home with Town & Country."  Filled with creative recommendations and period design perspective, it's a sumptuous cocktail table book and a guide for would-be designers.

Dream. Imagine. Design.


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Bedtime Network's interior design man, Randy Florke, takes questions from our community and answers this week's query about floor coverings.

Wood?  Wall-to-wall?  Throw rugs? Cork?  Do you have a cranky neighbor sensitive to noise?

Make your bedroom your sanctuary - and treat your feet and floors with kindness.

Our style guy in St. Pete has stumbled upon some low hanging fruit.  In this case, it's "Fig" --- an oasis of a style store and Billy's first fabulous find in Florida.  We love Billy's discoveries and this new feature is a keeper.  Looking forward to more, Billy!

Show us what and where to buy!

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From quicksand to heaven.  The continuing saga of our style maven, Billy Cole, and his quest for the perfect mattress lives on.

A mattress buying soap opera?  Maybe.  But just look at how much we're learning.

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