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On Becoming Martha Stewart for the Holidays

Our style man, Billy Cole extols the virtues of online shopping while providing some tips and plenty of chic advice.  He also laments the fact that no matter what he does, each and every holiday, the true Martha Stewart within him magically appears.  Standby and prepare to laugh.

So, it's December 5th and it's time to start shopping...ugh.

Every year, I start with the bah's that damned time of the year, again!...and, as the holiday gets closer, I turn into a freaking Martha Stewart!  I seriously overspend and put so much thought into my gifts that the expectation of my family's total delight usually turns out to be a Debbie Downer, "wah wah wah."  "But it's from Barney's," I would say, and my Dad would reply, "From where?"...geez.


Anyhoo, I do love giving gifts and this year, I have been thinking of doing it all online; especially since I now live in Florida (it's still hard to say that!), and, because it's just so easy!  I have been checking out the flash websites: MyHabit, GiltGroupe, Shopbop...They are amazing for getting really good deals but you have to act fast or the goods will go.  They have mini, "boutiques," within each site dedicated to holiday shopping.  At Shopbop, there is a holiday gift boutique which merchandises itself by, "types of women."  "The Thinker...she knows it all, but isn't a know-it-all."  You can buy Her, "The history of Gucci," and, the Chloe "nerd" glasses after which, you will want to get out your ruler and give her a fashion spanking...  

At MyHabit's mini boutique, "holiday indulgence," there are these amazing cashmere throws complete with Swarovski crystals...kinda "camp" but also fab and, only $108!  Or, a gorge Frette sheet set that wil make anyone happy and why not give a set of sheets for the holidays; especially if they're Frette.  $375-$475 originally $1250 - $1350. 

While perusing, I was totally overwhelmed by the extent of the product selection.  They also have a "holiday indulgence" section, but what is really amazing is that you can buy  a $3,900 Bunny Williams Chesterfield chair or a trip to the Seychelles for $1,026 per person/per night!  And, to tell the time and see in real time how quickly you are depleting your bank account, why not purchase a vintage gold Rolex for $7,800 without ever leaving your barcalounger!  Now, that's the way to shop!  


Enjoy your online shopping, from a frustrated M.S....

Just wait until I start decorating!

See u in bed...

xo Billy