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Doing It Up for TG

Our man on the street is back in town for Thanksgiving. Dress up your table inexpensively. Billy Cole tells how he did it for his entire extended family and you can do it for yours.

I am going to stray from talking about bedding and sleepwear this week and do some decorating for Thanksgiving instead.  So gay!

Anyhoo, a few years back, I did a grand TG dinner for my entire extended family.  Twenty five people, including kids.  I pulled out all the stops...My Mom thought I was nuts, but I pretended to be a caterer for a day...I rented everything including linens, tables, chairs, glassware, etc.  I did one large table...very formal but fun...For the table top, I bought cake stands and we piled mandarin oranges into a tower.  Then...field trip!...I went foraging into the woods with my nieces and nephews for berries and leaves to accent the oranges.  I went to Joanne Fabrics (cheap and cheerful), to buy a roll of burlap that we fringed and then used as a runner and tie for the napkins.  Very rustic chic, if I do say so myself!  We finished the table off with baby pumpkins and votives.  Voila!  A fun and festive TG dinner party.  

I know that TG's tomorrow and it's very last minute, but creating these centerpieces is really simple and can be whipped up in no time.  Also, remember that there are beautiful Fall branches and leaves in your own backyard garden that can be re-purposed to create a centerpiece.

Here's a pic of my crazy family having a blast.  I am really looking forward to this year's celebration.  For once, I will NOT be home early to help, so, I'm counting on just sitting back and enjoying if I can... control freak that I am:)

Have a great holiday.

xo see you in bed...