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If you're traveling for the holidays and happen upon a flea market or groovy vintage store, you might want to check out the treasures inside. BTN Interiors man, Randy Florke, has some great tips on how to buy a vintage bed or other items that can be re-purposed to live forever in your home.

If you're traveling for the holidays, keep an eye out for wonderful flea markets and antique stores.  Hunting and gathering at thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets is part of what makes the decorating process so enjoyable and re-purposing furnishings, lighting, linens and decorative items makes a welcoming and eco-friendly statement.   I've found some of my favorite furnishings on vacation, including vintage beds.

Standard queen and king mattresses were not introduced in this country until the 1950s, so most vintage or antique bed frames are singles or fulls.  Vintage iron beds are timeless and perfect for children's bedrooms and guest rooms.  Don't let a bad finish stand in the way of making a purchase.  Most vintage headboards can be given a bright new one.  Metal (or wood) pieces can be painted white or ebonized for a modern look.  Remember the scale of the room and other furnishings when choosing a bed frame.  Massive headboards  or tall canopy beds will overwhelm a small bedroom.  (Tip:  When purchasing an entire bedstead at a flea market, ask to see the bed put together to make sure that all the pieces fit and nothing is missing.)

Big or small, doubles or twins, iron beds will outlive us all.  Now that's sustainable.

Behind every wonderful flea market find, there's usually a story.  I'd love to hear yours.  So, if you find something special during your travels, I hope you'll share it with me and the Bedtime Network community by posting a photo on our Facebook page.

Happy hunting!