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Sick in Paradise

Getting sick away from home is scary. Getting sick while on vacation is a double whammy. Who better than BTN's Billy Cole to show us how to do it with style! Billy is moving to Florida and has been commuting back and forth to New York City. He's probably been on one plane too many during the past few weeks. With flu season already in the air, it can be impossible to avoid the germ roll out. Here's Billy from bed; doing his own style of sickness with panache, elan and even making it look "almost" (dare we say) fun.

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My article this week is not going to be about style ... yawn... it's going to be about having the flu on vacation. Real fun.

My partner and I were on a house hunting/vacation to St. Petersburg, Florida (we are moving there next week!) On the first day my throat started to get scratchy and I felt a bit out of sorts. You all know the drill about the flu so I won't bore you but needless to say, it progressed to full on fever, chills, body aches and swollen glands. I am still not well...4 days later. Ugh ... but the silver lining to the whole experience was staying at the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel. It's a grand, old hotel on Tampa Bay overlooking the water and sail boats (which I did a lot of from my bedside view.

I have four words for you ... room service, maid service ... Yes, a pot of tea with honey and lemon, sure ... Clubsandwich and fries, absolutely ... Change the linens...We will be right up Mr. Cole, and how are you feeling? They were so lovely and I have to say so was my BF.

I am a sucker for room service... a cozy king size bed and movies-on-demand.
It always seems so decadent and slothful fun!

I would absolutely prefer to be well but if I have to be anywhere but home, I prefer a luxury hotel. Now, let's talk about the bill. Yikes! It ain't cheap kids...all that decadent, slothful hotel-living.

Standby until next week when I hope to be 100% and will reporting from sunny Florida. I will have some ideas on turkey day; ideas for bed and tabletop ... Xo .... see you in bed.