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Authentic Bedding

The trendy word of the year just might be "authentic," but that's because tough times often make the pendulum swing in the opposite direction. We're trying to be more authentic all the way around. Authentic personalities, authentic jewelry. Authentically authentic at bedtime! Billy calls the bedtime shots with "authentic" bedding; all the rage on the current home scene. Can you spell, "monogrammed?"

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This Fall's trends in bedding are more interesting than ever. I have seen some really great stuff out there and, I have found that fashion in bedding has become just as relevant these days as in ready-to-wear!  Since I receive tons of catalogues (literally) and e-mail blasts from as many different retailers as well as fashion magazines, I have noticed that there has been a trend toward a"authenticity" in linens.  When I say, "Authenticity" I mean -  vintage, natural, hand made, raw fabrics as well as embroideries and monograms. It's that "ye olde back to the good old days," feel (not that i can remember my family having embroidered monogrammed linen bedding, but I'm sure the Rockefeller’s did.)

Here are some of my favorites ...

• at West Elm they have these wonderful embroidered linens. They feel, “authentic,” and timeless. You can choose a wide array of embroideries. Here are the links .... 

• Restoration Hardware is the ultimate in that vintage product for a relatively good price. They have a gorgeous array of products that really have a sense of quality and design. My pic is the vintage-washed Belgian floral linen 

•And for a fun, vintage feel that is not "ye olde," but colorful and groovy, check out Crate and Barrel's Marimekko line ... super fun and quite the statement.