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A Book in Bed

Our ancestors read by candlelight. Fortunately, you don't have to do as much to make your own bedtime story read just right. Itty bitty book light, kindle or iPad? Interior designer Randy Florke discusses the options and the simple joys of a book in bed.

One of the true pleasures for me (and I know for a lot of people) is reading in bed. Nothing helps me unwind like a good read before I turn out the lights. If you are not a big reader, even skimming your favorite magazine will help distract you before bedtime and allow you a more restful night.

These days, there are seemingly endless choices.  Kindle?  Nook?  iPad?  Will you store your best-loved stories digitally, or do you still enjoy the feeling of paper, an exotic bookmark or the joy of dog-earing your pages?  

Whatever your pleasure, some basic principles apply.

For best in-bed reading, start with a comfortable setting.  I love an upholstered headboard and a European-sized pillow at my head. In addition to creating a comfort zone, the look is beautiful; soft without being "frilly." Pick a fabric that looks and feels good. Just because a fabric is durable, doesn't mean it has to be sofa-upholstery weight. A nice cotton weave or something on that order is perfect.  Last but not least, always remember a good reading light; either wall-mounted or a small table lamp model will do.  It all depends upon your preference.