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Twin beds? Love!

Whenever we go to my in-laws for the weekend, I'm always reminded of how well I sleep when at their place. Why is that, you might ask? The answer is in the beds. Yes. I said "beds," and twin beds at that! You would assume that a 6'2" guy would be unhappy with a twin bed, but I love it.

When you are as light a sleeper as I am, every little noise affects you. Having my partner who is also 6'2" sleep in another bed allows me the freedom to rest alone. I think we all feel that it is old-fashioned or selfish to desire a bed by oneself, but for some of us, it is a slice of heaven. I love my boyfriend, but I love a good night’s sleep too!

This arrangement shouldn't be confused with a relationship where couples grow apart and end up in separate beds. That’s not what I’m saying at all; but there is nothing wrong with having your own bed in your master bedroom. My partner and I have lived apart while he worked in Washington, DC and again when he did a gig in Albany for a few years. During that time, I didn't dream about separate beds because I had a few nights a week where I had the bed to myself. Now that we are together full-time, however, I have my moments of dreaming about it. Guess I will have to wait for my visits to my in-laws or to our annual Labor Day visit to our home in Canada where we have twin beds too.

The photo here is of our daughter's bedroom in Albany, perhaps you could take back one of your kids’ bedrooms after they move to college and put in twin beds?

Perfect for guests or for the times when you want to be in the same room sleeping with your partner, just not the same bed!!!!

Sleep on it!