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Happy Halloween, Sleepyheads!

Halloween, yeah!  My favorite holiday and it’s just around the corner.

This is the time to let all your drag queen fantasies come alive, or, if that doesn’t work for you, let loose your inner Linda Lovelace! We used to call Halloween, “amateur night,” because every night was Halloween in New York!

I was thinking of ways to spice up the bedroom and get that ‘goblin’ in the mood…One way is by using color and in this case, a sexy orange.  Carve a pumpkin or two with some romantic words, light a candle on the inside and place them around the bedroom.  Phrases like, “soul mate,” or, “love you,” can work wonders or, you can go the other direction with kooky words like, “spook me,” and “boo you!”

Why not dress up in your favorite role-playing outfits: Superman and Lois Lane.  Or, go for Oprah and Steadman and let the good times roll.  Of course, there’s my personal fave, “Bedtime Bettie” and the Sandman…Just don’t forget to blow out the candles and take off your wig before getting into bed!

Also, for the kids, I found this totally insane bedding online available through Amazon…the haunted house comforter set that glows in the dark.  It’s perfect for the OCD parent who besides carving the pumpkin, decorating the yard and probably sewing her own Morticia Adams costume, also has time to consider changing the bedding for the holidays.  Don’t get me wrong!  I love an over-achieving mom and even have a bit of Martha Stewart in me.  So why not do it up for Halloween?  And for $83.99 it’s a super cute way to scare the living daylights out of your kids.


See you in bed,