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Thread Count Sucker

Everybody has a "number."

600? 800? 1000?

We're not speaking about money, but rather, high thread count sheets!

What number needs to pop for you?  Style guru Billy Cole discusses the pros and cons of being a high thread count freak.

Yes.  I am a sucker for high thread count sheets.  Yes I've read the myth.  Yes, I've heard the "experts" speak about it and yes, I still buy them.

600?  Great!

1000?  Better still,.right?


I bought a king size 1000 thread count sheet set back in March.  The top sheet was so heavy it felt more like a blanket.  Initially, they were quite glamorous and luxurious.  However, with each subsequent washing, they started pilling and began to feel more and more like an old, cotton blanket than the expensive luxe sheets we had invested in.  It is not the first time either.  We bought 600 thread count and the same thing happened.

So, kids, it's not only the thread count, but it is the quality of the cotton!!

I did some research and found a website that can explain it better than I can,

Here's the bottom line or, the top two myths surrounding thread counts:

#2 - The higher the thread count, the softer your sheets.  Many factors go into how soft a sheet will become such as the type of weave, quality of cotton, length of the cotton, amount of ply and workmanship.  These all play a part in how your sheets feel.  Thread count alone does not guarantee a soft, luxurious sheet.  This brings us to our #1 myth below.

#1 - Higher thread count always equals better quality.  The number one myth and the least understood factor in choosing quality bed sheets is the thread count.  Many consumers believe that the higher the thread count number, the better quality the sheet.  This is not true and if you check out  "The truth about thread count" it will help you understand thread count and its relation to the quality of a bed sheet.

So there you have it!  I am now on a mission to find the best 100% cotton white sheets out there.  Stay tuned while I go on sleuthing and sleeping.

Xoxo Billy

See you in bed.