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Sex and the Changing Body

25, 35, 55, 65.  It's always a sex-ploration.  No matter what your age, your relationship to sex and your body is always changing.  From your 20s and the va-va-voom years to the post menopausal plateau, both you and your partner are feeling it.  Are you comfortably shifting along with your pleasure centers or have you turned on the OFF sign?  Miriam Baker explores. 

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Our relationship to sex is influenced by our relationship to and feelings about our bodies.

Our bodies change throughout the life cycle.

Often people are unaware of how these changes inform their feelings about sex.

At every stage there can be conflict or appreciation.

In early adulthood our bodies are about mating and pleasure.

In later adulthood our bodies are about aging but still about pleasure.

What is the impact that the changing body has on sex?

It can be a major determinant in your ability to be present for the pleasure sex offers.

Here are the main ways a changing body can derail your sex life.

It can inhibit your desire for yourself or your partner.

It can distract you and make you avoid sex.

It can be unwell and suffer sexual dysfunction.

This list is not gender specific.

Men suffer the same conflict of body image as women do.

Both women and men suffer from lack of desire and avoidance.

Sexual dysfunction may be gender specific in complaint but symptoms prevail for both sexes.

When we speak about the changing body this is not about delusions of perfection or reaching towards unattainable ideals.

This is about your own self-perceptions.

I find those people who are critical in youth will remain critical in adulthood.

The body can make us feel attractive and in a state of well being no matter how we look on the outside.

Sex is the conduit between perception and pleasure.