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What Are You Hiding?

Our relationship coach Nyiri G. asks, "are you hiding anything under the bed?" Money? Lollipops? Chocolate? Jewels? Find out now what may be hanging over since childhood.

How you feel about your bedroom determines what you hide. How you feel in general might determine whether or not you, "hide."

We view the bedroom as the safest room in the house both physically and emotionally.

Many people hide money or jewelry or coveted items in their bedrooms.

We hide these things under the mattress or under the bed as if sleeping on top of our things keeps them ours.

This is a primitive behavior held over from childhood. Every kid has a secret box under his bed.

Rarely admitted to but frequently hidden under the bed is….FOOD!

This kind of behavior runs in families and for generations and represents issues of trust.

One of the risks in hiding important items in the bedroom is that often people forget where they have hidden them.

The need to act out the struggle of mistrust rarely keeps our 'things' safe.

What are you hiding about yourself?

Just like with “things,” or objects, we believe we ourselves are kept safe in our bedrooms, tucked away in our beds.

Our cribs were, in fact, structured to keep us safe and comforted.

As children, we often struggled with issues of separation, negotiated around staying in our rooms and beds.

As adults it is our primary place of refuge at times of upset or when we need to be alone.  

Our bedroom signifies to us a private world that we feel is untouchable.