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Pregnancy, Your Relationship and Bedtime

Pregnancy and life changes frequently bring anxiety which affects sleep.  Our relationship expert, Nyiri Grigorian, explores the many ones couples can confront their fears and re-emerge with new wisdom - even during pregnancy.

Every couple is reminded of their pregnancy at bedtime.

Sleeping next to a pregnant woman is an experience.

Sleeping as pregnant women is unlike any experience.

As a woman you remember you are literally not alone but as a partner your sense of aloneness has to change.

In the physical realm, finding the comfortable place is difficult for both people.

Sleeping for a pregnant woman is elusive both due to comfort and hormonal struggles.

Visits to the bathroom disrupt everyone’s sleep.

Babies tend to be active at night from the stillness, while being lulled from activity of the mother’s body during the day.

There are theories that postulate that the sleepless state of pregnancy is preparation for having a sleepless infant.

This may affect your partner and your relationship.

The partner is wired to begin protecting the nest.

What is it that is disrupting your sleep during pregnancy?

Anticipatory Anxiety.

What are the most common anxieties people are gripped by?


Adequacy in ability to care for a new baby.

Will you have a healthy baby?


Will the burden of this new baby be yours alone?

Financial anxiety due to the change in circumstances.


Is my life over?


If you share these fears with each other instead of suffering in silence, your pregnancy will be a more authentic experience.

People are afraid to say their fears aloud because of magical thinking.

There is magic in pregnancy but it is nature that handles that; you need a pillow talk in order to get a good night’s rest.