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Relationships and Transitions (Part II)

Back to School but, it's not only the new backpack that needs adjusting.  Families are feeling the stress of new routines, new teachers, new partners, new beginnings.  All of this can affect your sleep.  Relationship expert Nyiri Grigorian is here to get you through.

It’s Fall and summer has already become a distant memory, which means your relationships are back to reality.

Back to school means kids are anxious, parents are struggling with schedules and work is ramping up towards greater productivity.

The easy and longer days of summer lulls everyone into a less frantic pace and a hopeful state of mind.

Dealing with stress is one of the biggest transitions we make this time of year.

All relationships are affected by this transitional stress.

Parents with kids, kids with kids, kids with teachers, adults at work, adults with their partners; all dealing with change.

As the light outside changes so does the light that imbues everyone’s lives.

A pivotal transition this time of year is sleep.

Bedtime becomes a new experience one that we rested from over the summer.

How we handle transition in this time will mold the months to come.

Handling transition with awareness that transition is what is bothering everyone can smooth over anxiety.

People are anxious about change, it is a stressor in its own right.

Families and Partners have to put this idea on the dinner table and acknowledge that it is a time of transition and help each other.