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Napping and your relationship

Can napping save your relationship?  The documented proof on napping's value is in, but have you explored what it can do for you and your partner on a regular basis?  It's summer.  Why not hit the hammock and lock in on love's new potent elixir.

All of the articles and research studies that have proliferated the media on napping point to its multilayered beneficial effects.

The beneficial effects of napping have become well known.

Less has been written on the effect napping has on your relationship.

Not just your life span but also, the life span of your relationship may be improved with napping.

How can it help?


The refreshing and renewing effects of a nap actually touch upon your cortisol levels.

Cortisol is, "the stress hormone," as I am sure you have heard.

Stress reduction is the primary goal in maintaining a good relationship.

It is not just the typical advice about hard-working over-taxed people, it is about addressing what to do about hard- working, over-taxed people’s relationships.


For napping to do it’s magic, it must be organized by communication and negotiation.

Napping is an equal opportunity experience.

Resentment will wake you up.

When children are involved, both parents need time to nap on weekends.

Partners need to confer with each other about how a nap will fit into the day’s plans.

Napping together has to be a boundary full idea.

This means that you are not choosing to nap at the most stressful time of the day; just a means of checking out.’

Elevating the cortisol of your partner is not the goal.

Lowering cortisol with a nap may make bedtime less cranky and desperate.

It is possible a nap can save you from an argument that often starts with an elevated stress level.

The most important point here; do not argue about napping.