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Healthy lifestyle programs for better eating and sleeping

As part of a two part report on recent findings from Finland which discovered that mild apnea can be controlled through better diet and exercise, Bedtime Network nutritionist Gayle Reichler recommends some lifestyle programs that can make the difference toward a more healthy YOU.

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Research is showing that if you eat healthfully and exercise you can sleep better, particularly if you have a mild sleep apnea.

So, the key to sleeping better is getting on a healthy lifestyle program that you can adapt long term into you every day routines.  There are many good options that you can draw on. I am going to give you a brief overview for a few that I think are worth considering, depending on your needs. Keep in mind that support is very important in terms of long-term success.  If you are starting a healthy lifestyle program for yourself this Spring, look to assess your support system.  Can it be found within your family?  Amongst your friends? Perhaps you need to get it from a group you can join.  Recognize that the support of others will help you stay on track. 

A list of possible programs:

Ornish Spectrum:, this program gives you eating guidelines based on your readiness to change and you can see where you fall on the Spectrum. The healthy and most preventive way to eat is at the lower end of the Spectrum ( Groups 1 and 2). You can gain support online at the community site,


My Fitness Pal: This is a free app for your phone that can be very helpful in terms of giving you a tool to track your progress with eating and exercising. While it gives you a calorie range and you can track your exercise, it does not have a support component. This is a great tool if you have friends who will be doing  a program with you and you have their support or of course family support.  It does not highlight what foods are healthier but does help you keep your calories in check.


Weight Watchers: This is a very good program that has been around for year. It helps you understand how to eat a healthy diet and there are groups that offer support with a group leader.  This can be a good way to go and it is also online.


Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem – Good programs that offer support and food options. But, once you get off the food, you need to be able to translate the program into you everyday routines. Has worked for many people


Local Hospital Program: Often there are programs at your local hospital that can give you support. They are typically run by a Nutritionist , so this is an expert who knows how to help you with eating. If you are obese the program may be covered by your insurance.


I look forward to hearing about your success.  Please write to me and let me know what is working and remember that sometimes, it is combination of options.


Eat well and sleep well!