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Dream Zone - Two Pregnancies

Dear Lauri,

I had one of those dreams in a dream. In my dream I was fixing a video game and woke up to find out I was pregnant... twice, but not wanting either baby.  Then I woke up for real. - Staci 29, Gloucester, VA


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Lauri:  What have you been trying to fix or repair in real life? A relationship? A friendship? A difficult situation? The video game suggests it might be a situation where someone is playing head games with you! You then wake up to find you are pregnant. Waking up in a dream means you have recently "woken up" to a certain reality and now need to deal with it. Your reality is being shown to you in the form of an unwanted pregnancy, which means something unwanted is beginning to develop in your life... in fact 2 unwanted developments are beginning to take shape it seems.


Staci replies:  I've been trying to fix/repair a friendship with my son's father. I don't put much effort into it because I'm not sure he wants it or is just laughing at me. I've recently "woken up" to the idea that I don't need his friendship and although it hurts, there's nothing I can do about it. I literally realized this yesterday! I think the unwanted pregnancies are: his new girlfriend wanting to being a part of the picture (I don't want her to be anywhere near or in it) and the realization that I've got to wholly let any idea of a relationship with him go.  It's neat that something so trivial can project something so big in a dream.


Lauri:  It's not trivial. Your emotions are real and valid and your dream is helping you with that by showing you the unwanted developments in the form of pregnancies to let you know that this can actually result in a "new birth" for you, a brand new life once you can fully let go.



-Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Dream Expert and Author
"The brain is wider than the sky." - Emily Dickinson

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