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Dream Zone - Coins on a Trail

Dear Lauri,

I recently dreamed that I was back in my hometown and I was running along a bike trail. I was being followed by a loud, menacing looking helicopter (Army Huey gunship. It never fired, only followed). Anyway, I looked down on the path and I found a quarter. Then another. Then another. It felt like there were thousands of them all along the path. I remember how troubled I felt about all the quarters.   - Fred 48, Fort Wayne, IN

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Lauri: Is there anything going on in your life right now that is bringing back memories of when you lived in your hometown? Or are you currently trying to deal with an issue that began when you lived there? The helicopter that is following you symbolizes something you feel you can't seem to rid yourself of, something that may even be causing you to feel pressured and "under the gun" so to speak. The quarters you find along the trail may be a reference to "change;" change that makes you feel uneasy but that needs to happen none the less. The more coins there are the more change that needs to take place.


Fred replies:   I have been under deadline pressure with a novel that should've been finished and with the editor, but delayed for a variety of reasons. My editor has been supportive, but I feel like I'm letting her and my family down because I felt so disjointed last year with not just the loss of my father, but also the loss of a friend, both connections to my hometown. I believe you are correct in your analysis, the helicopter menaces, but never fires. I'm under the gun, although it is more self-imposed rather than actual. As for the quarters, I've consciously approached life differently lately and that has been both a blessing and a strain. You can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes a little longer. I'm having to push through a rut, one built out of conformity and comfort. Thank you, Lauri, for a very thoughtful response to an odd dream.


-Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Dream Expert and Author
"The brain is wider than the sky." - Emily Dickinson

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