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Night Moves for Any Fitness Level

Elisabeth Halfpapp's Night Moves are a groundbreaking series of relaxation and beditme stretches designed specifically for the Bedtime Network to help you deliver your body to a more restful, "sleep ready," state.  Night Moves I is available in its entirety and may be viewed and practiced nightly (see "fitness").  Two new Night Moves episodes have been unveiled in the Night Moves II series.  This week, before the rest of the series unfolds, Elisabeth thought it would be a good idea to send us a special message...

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All my Exhale Core Fusion and yoga Night Moves stretches can be adapted to any level of fitness from beginners to advanced.  The most important aspect of these moves which is essential for any activity that you do, including life, is your breath!  The breath will keep you in the present moment and make you conscious of what your body is telling you.  This is called the mind body connection.  Through this connection of breath to the mind and body, you will be able to receive the relaxing benefits of these moves, just by sitting or standing in the posture, and breathing.

Another awareness along with your breath, is to always remember progression from basic to advanced, in any movement that you do.  Position, alignment, and then how long or how many repetitions are the principles of any stretch or strengthening posture.  Stop and listen to your body and breathe..if your breath becomes forced, then ease back on the stretch.  The idea is to always be in a relaxed, balanced calm energy state of mind. 

Also, along with receiving these relaxing benefits, your flexibility and mind body connection will improve your daily activities, sports, and any other fitness activity that you do, but you will enhance your sleep which will give you a continual balanced renewed energy throughout your day...

So remember: it is not about the exact move at its fullest, but performed at your own level with conscious awareness that will create the best benefits for you...relax...from my breath to yours.