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Peace on earth.  We've heard every prospective Miss America extol its virtues and now, in the season of "Peace on Earth," it seems we can find very little of it.  Elisabeth Halfpapp gives a gentle reminder that the peace is yours to be had, if you would only preserve a little bit of time...

"Preserve the Peace."  Preserve the peace both within yourself and for others around you.   This sign, somewhat discreetly posted on the wall of our Exhale Spa, came out of trying to have our Exhale Spa guests turn off their cell phones; our peaceful suggestion intended to help them find peace during their time of classroom transformation (before, during, and after class.)  There is so much more meaning behind this sign, though.

An inner peace begins within yourself ,through quiet meditation and, an intrinsic  inner focus to your own core center.  Wherever you are, whether you are by yourself or in the most crowded, loud space, go inside and breathe.  Pull into yourself and feel an inner alignment of standing tall while reserving your energy.  Most of us are constantly giving; expending "outward" energy though unnecessary outward energy depletes us.  Hold back.  Be still.   Observe around you.  Cultivated inner calmness will beget gentle energy actions.

Then this inner peace radiates to outer tranquility around you.  What you give you out into the world comes back to you.  Once you turn off your cell phone and others see the inner quiet from you, then others around you will follow.  We are always in search of outer peace, so what not a better way for you to be a channel of this balance that could surround you wherever you go!