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Elisabeth Halfpapp tells you how to keep you mind/body/spirit intact through the holidays and that may only mean ten minutes a day (or night). When the going gets tough and time is at a premium, don't forego your inner sanctity because you feel you simply don't have the time.

The most important way to keep your mind and body calm during the approach of the holidays is to be consistent with your fitness/movement routine; especially your stretching and quiet meditation time.  Even if your consistency level means once a week (though 3 times per week is ideal), it will still be meaningful. 

Committing to ten minutes a day of strength/flexibility time along with a couple of minutes before bedtime to breathe, be still, and to do some gentle stretching helps you maintain connectivity with your mind and body.  This is the path to finding calmness and this will also allow you to be more aware in the present moment. You can achieve this anywhere, anytime, whether you are at home or traveling.

Exercise releases positive, calming focused endorphins! It is best for these ten minutes of strengthening and stretching exercises that you use the large muscle groups of the body such as the thighs and gluteal muscles.  Through my Core Fusion DVDs (available through, which are set up in 10 minute segments, you can do this!  Keeping these muscles fit will help you burn calories from those holiday meals and parties more efficiently.  Acquiring more muscle density increases your metabolic rate, thus burning more calories at rest! Combine these strengthening exercises with my Bedtime Network “Night Moves” series (only a couple of minutes at the end of your day).  “Seated Meditation,” “Neck tension releasers,” “Shoulder tension releasers,” “Constructive rest,” and “Savasana,” can make all the difference. 

Even if you just do the “Night Moves” stretching exercises for a few minutes each night (which creates an inner healing), you will feel more calmness and balance.  Such minimum time will create such maximum results, and then you will want to find more time for these moves…

Remember: focusing on your inner “you,” will radiate to a more balanced outer “you,” allowing you to enjoy your family and friends with love and care...

Breathe, move, and be still in your mind.

You will then be a source of loving merriment and calmness during the holidays. 

And isn’t that what the holidays are truly about…merriment and celebration of family and friends!