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Edible Beauty

Edible beauty.

Concoct your best, healthiest bedtime beauty direct from your cupboard.  

Sounds like a sweet solution to us!

See recipes below!

While shopping around for products to use on my clients or myself, I often find myself at a grocery store.  I believe wholeheartedly that what we use on our skin should be edible.
If you think about the penetration of a nicotine patch (placed on the arm or other body part), we know that the skin drinks the ingredients that then go directly into the bloodstream.  Osmosis. 
Think about that power and then ask yourself if you would eat a plate of Cetaphil or Vaseline Intensive Care?  Just read the ingredients in your favorite sometimes very expensive products and think twice about using them!  Most contain dyes, mineral oil, preservatives and fragrances which are listed on the FDA's list of suspected carcinogens. I could go on and on, but simply stated,  your skin and your body as a whole prefers nature.  Many of my recommendations are based on ayurevedic ideas (ancient indian healing), or come from my experiences with Chinese medicine.
Having said that, If I had to pick one of the most important part of getting your beauty sleep, it would be that no matter how tired you are, please remove your makeup.  I don't care if you just worked a 17 hour day.....or had one too many glasses of pinot noir.....take that mascara off!! it won't take long for your lashes to fall out or break off if you don't give them time to breathe.
You'll want to use 100% cotton pads, not tissues which contain wood pulp and can scratch your skin.  Saturate  cotton with eye makeup remover and VERY GENTLY sweep down and up until makeup is gone. No rubbing!! Then wash your face.
My favorite remover? Pure vegetable oil.  I like sunflower oil or safflower oil.  
Gently pat eye cream starting at the outer corner of the eye moving inward.  My favorite eye cream...brace ghee.  Thats right, clarified butter mixed with a few drops of sandalwood oil or rose oil. If you're not brave enough to use ghee, you can substitute it for olive or almond oil.  
There might be a few of you out there who insist on the chemicals (if you must.....Neutrogena eye makeup remover or Bobbi Brown for a splurge!!!)
Stay tuned for how to wash your face...My way!!