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Cleopatra's Beauty Secret

Presenting, "Bedtime Beauty," and Bedtime Network's newest coach, beauty expert Lynda Eichner.

We've all heard about the importance of getting our "beauty sleep," but in the dead of winter, that sometimes isn't quite enough.  Lynda offers up a host of frequently holistic, relatively inexpensive and occasionally, "good enough to eat," beauty rituals created specifically for your bedtime enjoyment.

A firm believer in, "you are what you eat," and, "what you eat is frequently revealed on your face," Lynda opens for us with a favorite concoction made from milk and honey (two things that we generally have in the pantry and the fridge).

Why not try it tonight, (before your Valentine's celebration), so that you're silky smooth and ready for cupid's night out?

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When winter wreaks havoc on your skin leaving you to feel like you've been building brick buildings with your bare hands, milk and honey could be your new BFFs.

At night, while I'm watching TV, I soak my hands in a big bowl of warm milk with approximately 2 tablespoons of honey for fifteen minutes or more.  Then, I gently scrub my hands with some sea salt (the really fine kind...try "fleur de sel," though Kosher salt will do in a pinch!) and oil, concentrating on my nails and cuticles.  Rinse and voila!  I love olive, sweet almond and/or sesame oil...For a real splurge, try Sabon's body scrub in vanilla patchouli, lavender, or fig coco.

If your hands are not the only part of you crying out for some attention, you might want to try doing, "the Cleopatra."  Rub raw honey from your neck down to your toes.  Don't forget your head band!  Your skin will start to tingle and that's when it's time to jump into a warm bath of whole milk (one or more gallons added to your bath water will do the trick).  Follow with a salt and oil scrub and say, "Aaaaaaaaah...."

What's the real secret to this ancient beauty treatment?  Honey!  It contains natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties and has the ability to attract and retain moisture while absorbing impurities from the pores.  It's a "humectant," and when combined with milk, it becomes even  more moisturizing and vitamin rich.  Ancient women used a combination of milk and honey on their skin to make it radiant and smooth.  Why not give it a try?  I promise you'll understand why.