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Beauty Secrets and Bedtime Makeup

Makeup at bedtime?  Now wait a sec.  We thought they only did that in the movies!  

But, Lynda Eichner is here with a fun idea for all you sleeping beauties.  Practice your makeup before bedtime!

No time in the AM, right?  so do it in the PM.

Before you whisk out those lovely remover pads, think twice.  This is the moment to experiment with color.

Nails. Lips. Eyes.  

Bedtime glamour-kins.


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You would have to be living in a cave to not notice the color that has hit the fashion world of late. From clothing to makeup to accessories, color is popping up everywhere!

From neons to jewel tones, playing "makeup" can be really fun. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the time to experiment in the morning when we're rushing out.  I've discovered that bedtime can be the best time, however, to dabble...right before I take off my makeup for the day.
Here are a few tips:
I love using jewel tones as eyeliner. Using a brush (like Bobbi Brown's nylon eyeliner brush), use eyeshadow to line, just on top of the upper lashes. Start from the center and sweep out, and with whatever is left on the brush, go to inner corner and connect.
Using shadow in lieu of a pencil, makes for a smokier, softer jewel tone.  For night, you can start with a darker liner and add the jewel tone on top. SO PRETTY!!!

Keep the color to either your eyes or your lips, but not both. 

If you're not brave enough to use color on your face, neon nail polish makes for a great accessory. Make sure your nails are really short...just a strong opinion of mine and if you're opting for nails at bedtime, beware of sheet marks.  Make sure you have enough time for a thorough dry time before popping under the covers.

Have fun playing but don't forget to wash your face!