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Top 10 Sleep Secrets:

The secret to a good night's sleep begins with what you do at bedtime. We call this your bedtime ritual. Here for the first time is a list of gentle suggestions with more on the way, just for you, made by us, the First Ladies of Sleep.


sleep secret


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1. Take a warm shower or bath.

We like Dr. Bronner's liquid soap in lavender.  The aromatherapeutic aspects of nature's tranquillity flower will settle your senses while the pure castile soap caresses your skin.  A warm bath before bedtime not only warms your body and soul, but gives your brain a signal that sleep is nigh.  There's no escaping now...


2. Slip into some cozy socks.

Socks may not seem so sexy, but neither are cold feet.  They can keep you up.  Rub those cold tootsies up against your partner and you might make a fast enemy.  We say, try the extra layer of warmth.  It works, even in the summertime.  It's also a favorite sleep secret of fitness guru and creator of Bedtime Network's "Night Moves," Elisabeth Halfpapp. 


3. Start "Happy Hour" earlier

Start your "Happy Hour" a little earlier so that you're not having that cocktail too close to bedtime.
Alcohol is a stimulant that will relax you first (and wake you later!).  Shaken or stirred, don't let your good times interfere with your zzzs.  


4. Chillax with music

Chillax with fifteen minutes every night of our musical sleep solution, Bedtime Beats – The Secret to Sleep. This may sound self-serving (!), but it really works. Just 15 minutes of classical or jazz music has been proven to make a difference in your sleep quality.  For ultimate sound and comfort, we also recommend Bedphones, perfect for undercover listening enjoyment! 


5. Grandma's tea time remedy is still a goodie.

Try a warm cup of chamomile with your quiet meditation and just try and tell us that it doesn't make a difference!  Our favorite sleep doctors recommend that you limit your caffeine intake (try to avoid the stuff after noon).  Of course, it's not just chamomile.  Mix it up with other flavors. We like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla, Peppermint and David's Tea (Organic Mother's Little Helper blend)


6. Develop a wardrobe of sleep masks.  

The "First Ladies of Sleep" dress like "bedtime super heroes," according to their husband (and who doesn't want to be a bedtime superhero?)  Sleep masks can be very sexy, you know.  Silky and sexy, we love these masks by Chris Notti also available at Madison Avenue's chic emporium, Zitomer.


7. Try a “His and Her” foot massage!

Take a load off your tootsies and those of your loved ones by rubbing out the day’s woes. Got no one to share the experience with? That’s ok. This is one bedtime ritual that you can also practice alone. Our favorite cream?  We like rich, winter friendly quality of Nuxe's "Reve de miel."


8. Party like a rock star...well sort of...  

We're talking about wearing some low blue light glasses.  They have been found to increase melatonin production before bedtime by blocking out blue light.  Where does blue light come from?  Umm....well, for starters, it comes from the sun, but it's also coming off your computer screen, television, iPhone, iPad, and basically any backlit device.  Limiting blue light before bedtime is critical to a good night’s sleep. You might look a little freaky, but you'll be sleeping like a baby before everyone else, and that's no con job.


9. Sex at bedtime.

A well-known secret to men and Cosmo's Helen Gurley Brown (!), we recommend more women come around to this true sleep enhancer.


10. Dial into your diary.  

If an unquiet brain won't let you rest, we suggest a diary at your bedside.  Write it down, take a deep breath, close the lights and put your head back down on the pillow.  Moleskin notebooks are discreet and portable.  No one will suspect that this is your book of bedtime secrets.  (Slips easily it into your handbag too!).


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