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4 Quick Fixes for Summer Sleep

If you or your loved ones are up with the birds and the bees (and let's face it, most of us are), sleep expert Brooke Nalle has four quick fixes to make summertime sleep woes just a passing thing.

It’s funny; I often think of the end of the summer as a time for huge transition.  Back to school, new schedules, new friends, and new routines – all huge factors that impact sleep.  However I am quickly discovering both personally and professionally that the transition from spring to summer can be just as exciting and disruptive to sleep.  Here is a list of some key summer sleep hurdles and what you can do to get your sleeper (and yourself) over the hump:


 1. It is light, really, really light, very early in theYour younger sleepers following circadian rhythms that are more in line with the birds (early to bed, early to rise) are going to wake early, especially if their brains sense the daylight in the dawn hours. 


Quick Fix: invest in black out shades, really darken the room, and use white noise to cut out any early morning activities outside from chirping birds to garbage men.


2. Your toddler who is no longer napping is exhausted at the end of the day, but you wonder if he will be able to sleep because it is still light outside.


Quick Fix: See above, what works in the early am is instrumental at bedtime too.  Don’t let your 3 year old hear the fun his older siblings are having in the back yard.


3. Heading to grandma’s, a lake house, a trip to the beach? 


Quick Fix: Prepare the sleep plan in advance; is there a crib on site? Do you need to bring one?  Figure out where your older children will be sleeping, do you need toddler rails?  Bring any blankets, pillows, and loveys from home.  Bring white noise to mask the new noises and disruptions.  You might need to do a little extra comforting at bedtime but try to stick to similar bedtimes and routines from home.


4. Finally, do your best to keep your sleepers as cool and as comfortable in their beds. If they are hot and agitated at bedtime, then bedtime is going to be tough for everyone.


Quick Fix: Keep the room at a good temperature (68-72), and make sure there is plenty of airflow.  Use a cool washcloth right before bed, and even hand your older child a cool cloth to use while she falls asleep.