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Daylight Savings Time - How to handle the change (for your little sleepers too)

Spring ahead.  Fall back.  Last night we all lost an hour of sleep (well, with a few exceptions).  Here's some real advice from expert Brooke Nalle wiith special words for you and your young ones and here's to the hope of budding flowers and greenery.  May they appear soon....

When it comes to Daylight Savings Time, I usually hear two stories from my clients.  Either, thank goodness it’s here, now my little guy will sleep a little later.  Or, yikes, I dread this time change, my daughter is going to be impossible at bedtime. 

Admittedly, just a few years ago, I eagerly searched for a state that did not observe this time change so I could move my family there to avoid this whole mess.  As appealing as Arizona and Hawaii are, my husband said that we couldn’t move just to avoid a time change for our family.

So if you have to make this shift whether you like it or not (most of us have to), then here is the good news - you have options for your sleepers.


1.Embrace the time change withWake up, eat breakfast at the new time, lunch at the new time, bedtime routines and then of course bedtime at the new time.  This usually isn’t too tough until you hit bedtime and your sleeper looks at you like you are crazy.  You never know though, maybe an earlier bedtime is just what she needed.


2.Get there in just a few days.  Wake up, eat breakfast around the new time, lunch around the new time, and bedtime routines and then bedtime maybe at 7:30 instead of 7.  The next night, try 7:15, and then you are at your usual 7pm goal.


3.Skip the rules all together and just follow your sleeper’sPut him to bed when he is tired (not overtired), feed him when he is ready for a meal, and offer him a nap when he needs one.

Finally to make this easier on everyone, get outside - set your internal clock with sunlight.  Take your little ones outside in the morning, and let nature do her job.  As a bonus, that fresh air and hopefully running around will make your sleepers more amenable to bedtime - and that’s what it’s all about.


Good luck