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Nyiri Grigorian

Relationship Expert
Nyiri Grigorian

Nyiri has been in private practice for twenty-five years treating children, adolescents, and adults, as well as families and couples. Dr. Grigorian not only specializes in anxiety and depression, but has treated couples in Parent Guidance for decades. She supervises a wide range of therapists professionally who are in the mental health field.

Dr. Grigorian has lectured and conducted workshops on a wide range of topics, including sibling therapy, early intervention in childhood development, and prevention in mental health. She has also served as a consultant to many school districts and non-profit organizations identifying high-risk children and families. She has contributed to the body of research on treating siblings together as an alternative to traditional individual treatment. She has been part of long-term research group studying trauma.

Dr. Grigorian’s educational background includes a Masters and Doctorate from New York University Graduate School of Social Work and Institute training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in children and adolescents at Postgraduate Center for Mental Health.No word brings up emotion like the word Bedtime does; no matter your age. It’s a universal and intrinsic part of our lives that each person experiences in a highly unique way. Sleep like food keeps us alive.

Our feelings about Bedtime are inextricably linked to our early relationships in childhood, the arms we originally slept in. So, when we go to bed, a lifetime of bedtimes follows us. The words “night, night,’ or “goodnight, sleep tight” have been uttered and heard since birth. Nothing summons excitement in an adult the way the mention of a bedtime book they once loved can.

In 25 years of private practice experience, I have found that whether I am treating children and adolescents or adults and couples, the issue of bedtime arises as a central theme. No matter what the presenting problem, patients are surprised to find that the path we often walk down lands us at bedtime. Be it children refusing to go to bed, exhausted parents at their wits end, pets who won’t get off the bed, snoring partners and cell phones ringing; our relationships with the people we love impact what we crave the most; a happy Bedtime.

Everyone knows somebody who just can't sleep and that's no coincidence. I'll uncover just how much of an energy drain it can be to deny problems in your waking life right here.

Join me as we explore the things that keep you up at night in an effort to make sure it happens less and less.

Together, we will target life-issues with "eyes open." Our bodies and minds will thank midnight.



Nyiri's Bedtime Profile

Bedtime Bling

My cashmere, satin bedjacket

Nightly Nosh

Skim milk with PBJ smidge on crackers

Bedtime Book

Books on attachment

Sleep Secret

Warm shower, astringent, floss

Sleep Suit


Crash Pad

Cuddled, lights out…After the 10th proclamation to the kids, “Don’t Stay Up Late!”