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Roz Warren

"At Ease with a Body Fighting Gravity."  Sounds not only like a fabulous essay topic but most importantly, a great way to live.  Acclaimed author Roz Warren shares her bedtime secrets with us this week and from the looks of her bedtime profile, sleeps quite well, thank you very much.  Check out her sleep secrets.  What caught our eye?  A dedicated sleeping room!

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Roz writes for the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and for countless other venues from Girlfriendz to Good Housekeeping. She recently appeared on the Today Show. Connect with Roz on Facebook at or visit her website at




Roz Warren'sBedtime Profile 

Bedtime Bling:

 Wearing the ring I inherited from Mom always keeps her spirit close and reminds me of her love.

Nightly Nosh:

Melon balls!  Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.  A sweet, pre-bed snack to inspire sweet dreams.

Bedtime Book:

I never bring a book to bed.  For a writer, books are a stimulant!  But before turning in, I always check my son's blog, married with Bichons about "the adventures of a young married couple and their Bichon Frises.  Their "adventures" are actually pretty low key.  The kids and their dogs aren't skydiving, climbing Mt. Everest or fighting crime.  Rather, they're strolling on a local nature trail or vacationing at a dog-friendly inn.  The photos of my son, his wife and their adorable dogs always send me to sleep with a smile on my face.

Sleep Secret:

A nice, long swim during the day usually means I'll sleep like a log.  Plus, absolutely no coffee after 5.

Sleep Suit:

Danskin tights and a stretchy Eileen Fisher top.

Crash Pad:

I have a dedicated sleeping room.  There's nothing in my bedroom but a bed, a lamp and a land line(for goodnight chat with my sweetie if he isn't on premises). 

Lights Out:

Eleven.  I usually sleep till 7, but sometimes I don't wake up until 8.  Nothing on God's green earth feels better than 9 hours of sleep.