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Claridge and King

Sisters Laurann Claridge and Lizbeth King, founders of the four-year-old company Claridge + King, are taking clothing in a fresh direction. Inspired by menswear tailoring and fabrics, the duo’s wearable collection is built on easy, versatile pieces–new, stylish classics you can make your very own and wear just about anywhere.  Find out what they do at bedtime to maintain their easygoing and unique style.

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Kristin's Bedtime Profile 

Bedtime Bling:

Laurann Claridge:  Not a thing! I deposit my wedding rings for safe keeping in small vide pouche by my bedside while I slather my hands/arms with Jergen’s moisturizer.

Lizbeth King: I guess sisters are inherently alike. I cannot sleep with earrings or rings on,  Instead I keep it all in an old family sterling cigarette box poised on my nightstand. After my nightly moisturizing regime, I never fail to apply Aquaphor liberally across my lips.

Nightly Nosh:

Laurann Claridge: I always keep a bottle of Ozarka bedside. If I’m behaving badly it’s a couple scoops of Trader Joe’s mint chocolate chip ice cream or a homemade brownie or oatmeal chocolate chip cookie before I pull out the Sonicare and call it a night.

Lizbeth King: I try not to eat anything after 8 pm, but I can’t possibly end my day without a little sweet indulgence. Lately I’ve been looked on Talenti gelato. My favorite flavor is sea salt caramel.

Bedtime Book:


Laurann Claridge: I’m getting into Nick Flynn’s new one, The Reenactments (Norton) a Houston author/professor, who I’m just discovering is such a clever writer. And there’s always a stack of WWD’s, as well as fashion, food and home design magazines I should catch up on.


Lizbeth King: I’ve got my nose in Outliers (Little Brown) by Malcolm Gladwell. And then there’s the pile of House Beautiful magazines which I breeze through to find classic dwellings that inspire me in the design of my own home.

Sleep Secret:


Laurann Claridge: Tylenol PM.


Lizbeth King: Blackout curtains for absolutely darkness and not a crack of light! And a roomy king-size bed with plenty of room for husband and dog helps too.

Sleep Suit:

Laurann Claridge: The Boxer Single and The Undershirt by Claridge + King (of course!)

Lizbeth King: Our Take Along Tank in the summer months and C + K’s Pajama Pant and Tee One when the temperature drops.


Crash Pad:

Laurann Claridge:  A Saatva mattress piled with down pillows and dressed with pressed white linen bed linens by Area. Linen is the very best! Sure it wrinkles, but it only gets softer after every laundering and it’s the perfect year  round fabric to keep you cozy or cool.

Lizbeth King:  I kick back on a Westin Heavenly bed. I love my sheets by Haute Home, which match the pale, seaglass hues in my bedroom perfectly. But the secret to my comfort is the four king-size pillows and a super thick mattress pad care of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Lights Out:

Laurann Claridge:  About 10:30 pm after Chelsea Lately

Lizbeth King:  After a dose of one of my favorite TV dramas saved on our DVR (Revenge, Dallas, The Good Wife, or Nashville) I’m tucked in by 9:30 pm as the kids wake up at the crack of dawn.