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Sleeping at Last - Ryan O'Neal

We have to admit, we're partial to "Sleeping At Last," singer/songwriter and consummate musician Ryan O'Neal's fresh and passionate musical imprint.  Not only do we love the concept of "Sleeping at Last," we love the sound.  O'Neal is a soulful lyricist and melodist with a colorful orchestral palette and vision.  Stay tuned for his new album project, "Atlas," which promises nearly endless musical adventures.

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Singer, songwriter and musical creator Ryan O’Neal has defined himself not only by his powerful and prolific songwriting skills, but also by his ability to take his audience on a musical journey.  A master of development and creativity, he dreams and skillfully crafts the ongoing sound of Sleeping at Last.  Now, O'Neal thrills audiences again with his latest launch, "Atlas."

With his innovative previous musical offering "Yearbook," O'Neal introduced a "subscription model" release program; a revolutionary approach to the modern listener’s voracious appetite for new songs. The project invited the listener to follow O’Neal’s progress on his year-long musical journey as he promised them three new songs each month. Listeners agreed, and 36 songs later, with the release of September, he delivered.

Sleeping at Last has been featured  in the box office success, Twilight Saga. and O’Neal’s prolific songwriting has also led to multiple TV placements including: ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, as well as FOX’s 2012 season of So You Think You Can Dance and the season finale of Bones, all emphasizing the cinematic nature of his music.

Sleeping at Last: Ryan's Bedtime Profile


Bedtime Bling:

Bling free since 1983.

Nightly Nosh:

Fruit, pears, grapes, etc., but if I'm being honest, there might be ice cream involved too.

Bedtime Book:

Currently, "Love Does," by Bob Goff.

Sleep Secret:

A pillow speaker with film scores playing!

Sleep Suit:

Comfy t-shirt and boxers.

Crash Pad:

Verlo Queen.

Lights Out:

My lights go out on average at 3 AM.  I'm a night owl.