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Holiday Crunch Time

We LOVE Amy Morris for turning organization into an art form  Here she is with some holidays shopping tips.  Amy says, do it "in your bunny slippers while sipping latte."  

It's mid-December and the holidays are, OMG!!!-- really almost here.  With barely two weeks to go, you can hardly remember your own broken resolutions.  Remember? This was the year you promised yourself to plan ahead and be organized.  Perhaps you even read my previous column, "Relax! It's the holidays..."  The thing is that that column ran in mid-November. 

Your intentions were admirable, but whether it was work, the kids, sports (yeah, it really has been a few great weeks of football), or just plain procrastination, you are now faced with "holiday crunch time."  No worries.  Get a good night's rest, wake up feeling refreshed and start anew in the morning.  

  1. MAKE A LIST - Don't wait any longer.  The first thing you need to do is make a master "TO DO" list.  Include EVERYTHING that needs to be addressed, starting from the time you are making the list up until the holiday season ends.  Include shopping, party plans, school, business holiday commitments, holiday mailings, and anything else you can think of that pertains to holiday time.  Keep your "TO DO" list handy so that if you are out and about running errands, you can refer to it for purchases that need to be made, and cross items off as they are completed.
  2. MAKE A MASTER CALENDAR - Print a blank monthly calendar off your computer or use a store purchased calendar.  Fill in all commitments for your family including office, school and extracurricular functions.  Be sure to block out periods for cooking, shopping, present wrapping and any other task that makes demands of your time.
  3. BE CREATIVE - While you may be too late to order custom holiday cards, you have plenty of time to make your own.  If snail mail is your preference, take a photo and head to your local discount retailer, pharmacy, or grocery store to print copies.  After you have submitted your order, purchase supplies including: boxed cards, double-stick tape and good old-fashioned stamps.  When the photos are ready, get the family involved; delegate the stuffing, sealing and stamping jobs.  Going hi-tech this year; there are plenty of websites available where you can upload a photo and send e-cards.  Create a spreadsheet with the e-mail address of everyone you intend to send a card.  Cut and paste and you are done.
  4. DELEGATE - Delegate not only the task of holiday card mailings, but also decorating your home, setting the table, food preparation and anything else that can be a shared responsibility. 
  5. DON'T OVER-COMMIT - Time is of the essence when it comes to completing your own holiday preparations.  Be wary of promising your time to others.  If you are asked to be a room parent for a school holiday party, decline, offering to do it at another holiday later in the academic year.
  6. SHOP ON-LINE - There are many websites that are still offering FREE shipping with delivery in time for the holidays.  Take advantage.  Shop in your bunny slippers while enjoying a latte. 

~ Amy Morris

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