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Camp Organization - The Dresser or Night Table, Day 5

Day 5.  By now, everything around your "home camper," should be looking sweet and chic for a good night's sleep.  Take in this last chapter and consider some motivating incentives.  Money?  A favorite meal?  Hey, we're shameless.  Do whatever works to make that organized bedroom permanent!

You're "Legally Organized."

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It is important to keep the tops of dressers and night tables clutter free, keeping only a few necessary and decorative items there.  It is imperative that a clock (preferable a one with a digital display) is kept on the night table.  It is never too soon for a young child to begin to read and understand time.  When my children were younger, we would cover the minutes with a piece of paper and explain that unless an emergency were to occur, they should try to sleep until the number displayed was a 7.  By doing this, they began to familiarize themselves with the meaning of "7 o'clock" and everyone received a good night's rest.

A lamp, book or magazine, pair of glasses and a small picture frame can be neatly placed on a night table without it looking cluttered.  Save jewelry boxes, jewelry trays, display dolls or sporting paraphernalia, piggy banks, etc. for the dresser top.  Just remember to space the items so that you avoid the look of clutter.

Inside the dresser drawers use organizers to section space for socks, undergarments, bathing suits, pajamas, t-shirts, etc..  If the drawers are deep, a simple shoe box will do the trick.  If you choose to purchase dividers there are many available options that can be found at local retailers. 

Congratulations on completing Camp Organization!!!!  Don't wait until next summer to do it again.  Now that everything is organized and clean, maintain a job well done. 

In the words of Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) -  "We did it!!!"