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Camp Organization - The Floor and Under the Bed, Day 4

As you are helping your teen or college student to get organized, you might be thinking, "hmmm....what do I have lurking, living, or taking up space under my bed?"  The answer should be, "NOTHING!"

Amy Morris is here for Day 4 of the practical guide to camp organization (when the camping ground is HOME SWEET HOME).  

By the way, Moms.  Don't be outdone by your kids.  If they get it cleaned, you should even the stakes and get your "under bed," done too.

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Clear the floor!!!  The floor is NOT one huge dumping ground.  It is a place to walk, sit and play a game, or even read a book (however I recommend a sitting in a chair versus sitting on the floor to read).  Seriously, the bedroom floor should not be cluttered with miscellaneous items.  At this point in the Camp Organization week most items should have a place and be stored away accordingly - and in an organized manner; of course.  If there are items to be stored in view on-the-floor, use a decorative basket, hat box, stackable decorative boxes or a folding canvas storage bin. Magazine and loose toys are great items to store in this manner.  My daughter keeps a basket of magazines next to her bed. 

Under the bed is another option for on-the-floor storage.  Keep out-of-season clothing, duffel bags and any item not frequently used under the bed.  Most bed frames are high enough to stow low plastic bins, under bed storage drawers and large storage bags.  However, if the bed is not high enough off the ground to utilize the space beneath, purchase be risers.  They are available in plastic, steel, and wood and come in varying heights from 3" to 7".  Search online for the best price as there are numerous vendors selling this product.

The ultimate goal is to keep the visual floor space clean and clutter free.

Stay connected, Camp Organization Day 5 tomorrow!