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Camp Organization Day 3 and "3 Easy Fixes" for the Kids' Bathroom

Our Queen of Organization Amy Morris has three easy tips on getting your kids' bathroom organized, or rather, getting your kids to get their bathroom organized and to stay organized.  This is a short list and it brings us to halfway through Amy's summertime boot camp for the stay at home student, re-surfacing college kid or possibly bored child. 

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Now that the two toughest tasks are out of the way, take a deep breath.  The bathroom is a much smaller space and the time to organize it should take less than the time it took to clean and organize the desk and closet areas.  Here are three easy tips.

#1 - In the bathroom, use plastic bins or plastic stackable storage drawers to store items.  These can be purchased at a bed and bath store, a discount retailer or a dollar store.  There are advantages to using plastic containers; mainly, if something spills, the cleanup is easy and will avoid seeping through a basket's bottom or ruining a cardboard box.  Covered plastic bins are great for items not used on a daily basis since you can stack them and pull out as necessary.  For daily use items, use larger, low-sided plastic bins and place items by category in each bin.  Place the bins under the sink or, if you have drawers or a closet in the bathroom, place them there.  However, if under-sink space is limited, consider installing shelving or purchasing a small piece of furniture or tiered decorative tower for additional storage.  Using a pretty bowl or tray on the counter top is a good way to keep track of jewelry when washing up.  Aside from the tray, the counter top should be clear of all items except for a toothbrush holder, toothpaste, tissues and a soap dish (or soap dispenser).  A towel rack should be used for towels and a coat hook for bathrobes (or towels, too). Medicine should NEVER be stored in a child's bathroom.

#2 - If there are kids' bathtub toys in the bathroom, purchase a suctioned mesh storage bag to keep them organized.  These can be purchased at a baby supply retailer or in the baby department of a discount store. 

#3 - Keep extra toilet paper in a basket near the toilet or on a shelf, in a cabinet or in a closet close-by.  There always comes a time when it is needed and it should be within easy reach.

Stay connected, Camp Organization Day 4 tomorrow!