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Evening and Bedtime Brain Dump

The Bedtime Brain Dump (BBD) as in, "Dump your worries before bedtime."  

Amy Morris, Queen of Organization (QOO) can show you how.  OK.  

The QOO has the DL on the BBD.

We love it!

Sleep easier at night by clearing your mind of as many scheduling, social, and personal thoughts as you can.  How?

At the end of the evening, prior to readying yourself for bed, review your schedule and "To Do" list for the following day.  Prioritize your list based on time of day or by task completion importance, or easiest to hardest, hardest to easiest, location, etc.  To further organize, sort tasks into manageable time segments.  This will help you keep on track.  Take advantage of setting alerts (aka alarms) on smart phones.  When you enter an appointment, set the alarm as a reminder of when it is coming up in the day. 

Organize and prepare what you need to get out the door the next morning.  Place your briefcase, kids backpacks, items to be returned to the store or library, activity equipment, and any other items together near the door so that in the morning you are not losing time trying to locate what you need.  Getting all this done ahead of time will free up your mind from the little items that can be so frustrating and deprive us of sleep because we are focused on them and not on allowing our body to relax and catch those needed zzzzz's. 

After you have taken care of the scheduling items, it is time for yourself, but allow yourself to take a step back in time before proceeding.  Forget about electronic organizers, social media and other high-tech computer based technology.  Let pen and paper be your devices of choice.  Place an iPhone ®, iPad ® (or other tablet), a laptop and the like away; put them in a different room.  The problem with these devices is that once we start using them, it is very hard to walk away.  We become so engrossed and distracted that time flies by, and before you know it is 2:00 a.m. and you haven't slept a wink.

Now it is "yourself" time; keep a journal for personal notes and thoughts, and separately, a small spiral notebook for quick notes you want to jot down.  It helps me to date the notebook as I go. This way, I have a chronological diary of what I am writing.  Use the notebook to make lists: calls to make, errands to run, emails to send, or anything else that requires an action.  You may also choose to jot down short and long term goals, a sentence or two relating to an email or speech you are giving.  Write down anything you don't want to forget by morning. 

If you like to "journal", purchase a pretty one to keep on your bedside table.  When teeth are brushed, you are washed up, and you are in bed, take a few deep breaths and then make you journal entries to unwind your mind from the day's activities.  For example, you can duplicate the writing of your goals, or write about a dispute at work, a relationship, or a "feel good" story.  Write it all.  Journalize the thoughts that are important to you.  Don't hold back.  These are your private thoughts; you do not need to filter them.  They are for your eyes only.  They are your secrets and they are safe in your journal - just don't leave it on the kitchen table for friends and family members to get a hold of and read.

Remember the journal is for your personal thoughts; the notepad is for quick thoughts that require a more immediate action: To Do, To Write, To Go To, To Call and To Pick Up.  In the morning you can reread your notebook scribbles and address them as necessary.  If it helps further, compile your notes in an organized manner, in an email and send it to yourself as an "Action List".

Sleep tight!

Amy Morris