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Organize the Garage for Dad on Father's Day

Wondering what Dad might want for Father's Day?  Well, we know he'd like a little R&R.  Why not help him get on the couch with the ballgame a little sooner by offering up a little organizational elbow grease!  Our Queen of Organization, Amy Morris, has some tips to make Father's Day more restful for Dad.  When you're done, why not fire up the BBQ?

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Sunday, June 17th, Father's Day, is just around the corner.  Don't just dream about an organized garage.  Put that dream into action: how about reclaiming garage space not only for Dad, but for the rest of the family, too?  Get the entire family involved: mix quality time spent together with the benefit of a clean garage for all; especially Dad.  Here are a few tips to get you started on organizing your garage.


Sort out everything in the garage and designate items as trash, for charity donation or to keep.  Items for trash consists of anything broken that is not capable of being fixed, or cannot be reused or donated.  Donate items such as snow shovels and the like if you recently moved from the north to the south and they came with your belongings, and anything else that is in good shape and can be used by someone else.  Once you have determined what items are for trash and to be donated, move them to a location away from what you are keeping and need to put back into the garage space. 


For items being kept and need to be put back into the garage, sort them by function: garden equipment, toys, beach items, sporting equipment, pool supplies, car cleaning supplies, etc.  After everything has been sorted, take a look at how much you have and determine the amount and type of space required to store it.


Utilize wall space!!!  Hang pegboards, shelves, cabinets, ceiling racks, bicycle racks and any other hook or hanging device that can utilize wall and ceiling space for added storage.  Use pegboards to hang tools and small items, and wall hooks to hang garden equipment, rakes, shovels and hoses, just to mention a few.  On the shelves, store on the shelves in clearly labeled bins, light bulbs, extension cords, holiday and seasonal items in clearly labeled bins.  Batteries, car chargers, and other similar items can be stored in cabinets.  Bicycle pumps and any other large items that also lend themselves to hook storage can be stored on hooks securely attached to the wall. It is mandatory that hooks be securely fastened to wall studs or use butterfly mollies to anchor them to hold their intended load. Make sure small items such as screws and sharp items cannot be reached by small children.


Store all sporting equipment such as cleats, balls, helmets and sticks in one central area of the garage.  Keeping all these items together will make for "grab and go" ease when racing out the door for the big game.  Additionally, keep bikes, scooters, skates and related items nearby.  Consider investing in a small bulletin board to be hung in "SPORTS CENTRAL" to hang duplicate sporting schedules as an additional reminder to who needs what and when.  You can follow the same guidelines to create "TOY CENTRAL", "BEACH CENTRAL" and "POOL CENTRAL" based on the needs of your family.


Keep garbage bins and recycle bins close to the garage door so that it is easy to take out on collection day. This gives the added bonus of keeping any lingering odor away from infiltrating the inside of your house.


Secure, as in LOCKED away, harmful chemicals to keep them away from children.  This includes, but is not limited to: any garden chemicals such as fertilizers and insect sprays, house cleaning chemicals such as bleach, drain and tile cleaners, pool chemicals, car cleaning products, gasoline containers, paint cans, paint thinners and paint cleaners.  IF YOU CAN'T EAT OR DRINK IT, LOCK IT UP!

Make Dad proud this Father's Day by giving him a clean and organized man cave - a.k.a garage!  Get Started Now!!!