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The Art of Gifting & Wishing for the Holidays...GIVING BACK

No proper Southern girl would leave out her favorite charities for the holidays.  Our Bedtime Fashionista, Margaret Berend, is here with a few ideas.  As every fashionista knows, a charitable contribution is heartfelt and, indisputably PC.   

If you aren't sure what to give someone, make a donation in their honor to a charity that you think they would like. They will be very touched.

Some of my faves are listed here, but there are so many.  Gifting in this way is easy as most will handle your contribution online and also arrange to have a thank you sent to the person whose name you have gifted under.

Favorite NYC Charity...Restore.

Restore provides women that have been sex trafficked into the United States with a place of refuge and recovery.

My Favorite Worldly Charity

Nick Vujicic is an Australian that was born without arms or legs. Nick is a powerful speaker and is focused on targeting the bully problem plaguing our schools today.  He has even written an anti-bully curriculum that the California schools have been trying.

Favorite Southern Charity....

Mercy Ministries was founded by Nancy Alcorn in 1983 to help troubled teen women deal with their problems. Since then the Mercy Homes have expanded and now help young women that have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse including Sex Trafficking, Eating Disorders and Self-Harm.

I am also a HUGE animal Lover... so...