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The Art of Gifting & Wishing for...the Tea Lover in Your Life

Some like it hot and some like it cold.  Texas-born and raised Margaret Berend is a Fashionista who likes her tea iced.  While maintaining her love for Austin, she adds her New York experience to this stylish list of wishing and gifting for the tea lover in your life.  Now drawl on this like Bedtime Bettie would, "Coffee, tea"

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How I adore all things Austin. Austin is unique and special and unlike anywhere I have ever been in the world!

On the subject of "Keep Austin Weird" I have to wish/gift them a merging of my favorite things; things I have actually come to love while living in NYC for the last six plus years....

1. Kombucha Tea Kit (Spotted at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle) or just trying some Kombucha Tea from Synergy. The benefits are great and I love how it tastes. I started drinking it a few years ago and then caught myself skipping my usual have-to-have-very-large-iced-coffee for a kombucha. Gasp!

I started out on the "green" flavor but the ginger-ade is now my favorite. I also love the Chia seed Kombucha by Synergy but it is quite impossible to find.  Trust me that it is only for the seasoned Kombucha drinker.  Consider yourself is quite the acquired taste.

2. Tea.... As  Southerner,  I love "Iced Tea."  I rarely will drink hot tea unless I am freezing. Since I seem to run abnormally hotter than most people, this is a rarity (though maybe in December-February or, if my beloved "Iced" isn't available!)

Tea is very helpful for relaxation! And, it's great for getting ready for sleepy time. Might I recommend "Chamomile Tea?"

I love all things tea and when you start getting into tea you can't help but enjoy loose leaf tea.

My favorite Iced Tea (ever made by yours truly) was a coconut green tea from Woodstock, New York's, The Tea Shop. All their teas are A-MAZING! And they have tons of cute tea accessories.  The staff is very friendly and patient with tea "beginners" like myself.

The other brand I love is "The Republic of Tea."

Their teas are yummy! I first discovered my love for their tea when I went to Telluride with my Mother sometime after I first moved to NYC. Things were getting stressful and we went to Telluride so that I could have a pure R&R weekend. The spa we visited served their teas and I fell in love with the Blackberry Sage. (

Tea for two and two for tea...Have fun and experiment!