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The Art of Gifting and Wishing for...anyone that has not been to Texas!

Our Fashionista Margaret Berend hails from Texas;  the Lone Star state... Cowboy boots,  Stetson... Can a rodeo be far behind?  These gifts work for everyone...all you need is a little bit of style, a little bit of swagger and thank goodness, Margaret has enough of that for everyone!  Now then, wouldn't you just love to see Bedtime Bettie in a pair of chaps?  

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For anyone that has NOT been to Texas (which is where I am originally from), here is the ultimate Gifting and Wishing list.  Specifically, this column is a tribute to three Albanian sisters whom I adore...


1. Cowboy Boots from Allen's Boots. Anyone that is from Texas understands the "Cowboy Boots" obsession. The men wear them with everything and they all talk about their boots to each other; kind of like a gay man might talk to his friends about his favorite piece of clothing. Boots may come handmade, feature all sorts of skins and colors, but most importantly, boots are for ALL occasions! Boots are worn with tuxedos, suits, khakis and of course Wrangler jeans! Now, boots for women in Texas gets a bit trickier...They might own a pair for "western" parties, riding boots for riding their horses, and some just own them just because they are from Texas and it is part of their "heritage." I personally have owned many different cowboy boots over the years. I still have two very important pair that I adore.


2. Cowboy Hat....This is similar to the boots concept but a bit more complicated because it applies to a much smaller population of Texans. These cowboy hats can get VERY expensive or they can be for pure satire.  This is also another instance where Texas is more divided; only this time it's amongst the sexes.

Men wear hats way more frequently than the gals mainly because of one cannot mess with Texas Women and their hair! Texas women take their hair VERY seriously. Whether it be stick straight one day, wavy the next, up in a chignon, or just plain "air dried," it is one of the things I like most about Texas.

There is a saying that goes with Texas women and their "hair" and people say it mostly as a joke.... Here goes:

"The higher the hair the closer to God."

When us Texas gals get together we always have a good laugh about that one. If you saw my childhood pics of my hair you might say, "I am pretty tight with God." I would be playing a soccer game with a pony tail that had a very large bow  (in whatever my team colors were, of course) and the top of my hair would sometimes be hairsprayed to keep the necessary poof in place while trying to also play some soccer. So, as you can see, it gets confusing when it comes to the "cowboy hat," but in my opinion, all things Texas are just fun....

So everyone needs a cowboy hat!

3. Lastly, the Texas Experience....

I would personally recommend two things.

1. Tickets to a rodeo (which normally includes seeing some live music, wine, animals inclusive of a petting zoo, great food and shopping!) and,

2. A full day of University of Texas Football which consists of tailgating prior to the game, watching the game (live) and then the "after game" celebration. (Even if you lose, you still celebrate).

I will end this Texas Gifted experience with my two favorite sayings from Texas...

1. "Don't Mess with Texas"

2. Since I am born and raised in Austin and went to UT,  "Keep Austin Weird."

Merry Christmas to all - and to everyone back home in Texas!