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The Art of Gifting and Wishing...for the Romantically Inclined

Fresh from her own cancelled engagement, our Fashionista Margaret Berend rises above it all with sage advice for the gift-giving lover, lover-wannabe and lustful giv-ee!

Choosing a gift when the romance is new can be difficult.  Does the gift say too much?  Not enough?  Not quite the right message? 

Hint: you can always slow things down, stay green and give a plant...

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Hmmm... this gets tough because let's be honest, love and lust are complicated things.  When it comes to the "love games," I really wish I could be of more help and as I've said before, this is NOT the easiest time for me.  

That said, if the particular person is a handbag queen may I suggest the YSL Muse Bag. It has been out for years now and is quite the staple bag coming in a myriad of colors and leathers. It is just plain stunning. And, I like the tongue and cheek asset of telling someone that you think of them as your "muse."

If that is simply too much, how about slowing it down with a live plant! How could someone not like a plant!???! Now let me warn you though, not everyone has a green thumb.  Just to stay on the safe side, might I recommend a lucky bonsai tree? It's practically impossible to kill a bonsai and in that regard, it won't matter if your special someone has a green thumb.  At least you can bring some "green" into his/her life and I for one am very pro all-things-Green!

Too serious for your own style or the style of your personal "love"? I have personally enjoyed the curled bamboo (which lasts forever and is easy to care for) and, the cactus plant. (you really can't kill it!).  I have managed to keep one of them alive for years (until I moved and just didn't feel like packing a prickly plant.)

Or, you can also go seasonal with a Poinsettia. If this person happens to also celebrate Christmas, why not get very romantic and bring them a real tree! Then you can support your local business!

In my mind, that's always a plus.