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The Art of Gifting and Wishing for...the Ultimate Fashionistas...

Do you have a fashionista in your life.  Our resident fashion expert, Margaret Berend continues her special Gifting and Wishing holiday list, taking into account, the special desires of everyone in your life.  Today, she conquers the unique needs of the Fashionista.  And if you think you might have a fashionista in your life, but just aren't sure, sleep soundly because Margaret will help you find your way out of that one too.  

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If you have one in your life, you probably know it.  First of all, they are very easy to spot because they already own ALL THINGS FABULOUS especially when it comes to anything in fashion. And, this includes clothing, shoes, and accessories. (Hint: they might also refer to a handbag, great top, or piece of jewelry as a, "treasure.")

Sound familiar? You probably are really over buying them gifts because when it comes to their favorite stuff:  clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.,  they have no fear (financial or style-wise) and they buy it for themselves no matter what! So, it is hardly ever a real "gift," as they gift themselves constantly.

Might I suggest something to ease your frustration?.... (Of course anything from Moda Operandi but that is a bit complicated and confusing for the heterosexual male species)...  Why not change it up a bit this year and Go... VINTAGE!

1. What about a vintage or antique trunk? Goyard and Louis Vuitton trunks are stunning!

2. Or,  if you are buying for a die-hard handbag fan and money is no object.... An amazing selection of Chanel 2.55 and Hermes Birkin bags!

3.  Afghanistan Insignia Rings.

These rings, which are a-mazing, had to be sampled by my jewelry obsessed self!  (Note: I tried one on, but they are actually way too big and fragile to be worn on anyone's hand). They are actually meant to be sported around your neck!

Historically, these rings weren't just a great accessory but were actually meant to be "used," creating an original embossing mark or emblem for sealing or signing wax.  Worn around a man's neck, he would dip the ring in wax and stamp it on precious documents as a sign of his word. When used as a gift from a romantic loved one, that's pretty darn romantic!  Now then: the "giftee" would still have to purchase or re-service a chain of their own.

Caveat sorta..... If your fashionista is jewelry obsessed, finding the "right" chain will be an added fun treasure hunt.

Pat Frazer (203-260-7769)