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Gayle Reichler

Gayle Reichler

Gayle Reichler, MS, RD, CDN, is the ultimate Wellness Coach and Nutritionist. Her specialty is teaching individuals how they can make healthy living easy and satisfying! She is the creator and founder of the Active Wellness Program, and author of the paperback books, "Active Wellness - Feel Good For Life" and Gayle's Feel Good Foods Cookbook" (Penguin Putnam, Dec. 2003/Jan. 2005).

Gayle's mission, helping people feel good for life," emerged after her battle with cancer in 1991. The next year, Gayle translated her nutrition, educational and culinary expertise into a healthy lifestyle program that has helped thousands of people of all ages since its launch in 1992. While wearing her bedtime coach's hat, Gayle combines her resourcefulness and creativity with her knowledge, experience and expertise ensuring that the healthy lifestyle information she teaches is personally enjoyable and flexible enough to integrate into someone's everyday routine.

As an active Chef before she was a Nutritionist, Gayle created, "Gayle's Miracles," her popular and delicious 30-calorie (1 gram of fat), all-natural chocolate truffles. They are a true testimonial to her belief that healthy living should be delicious!

Gayle's prior experience includes consulting to Avon, Inc., National Director of Nutrition Coaching Services at Exhale Spa based in NYC, Nutritionist and direct referral source to the Dean Ornish Program in CA and in New York City, Speaker and Nutritionist at Canyon Ranch Spa and Adjunct Professor at New York University in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. Gayle has been in private practice serving individuals and corporations for over 16 years.

As a Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, mom, wife, and daughter I take my sleep seriously. I know that I cannot function at a high level with less than 7-8 hours of sleep. I believe that bedtime is just like any other time you are seeking relaxation; in order to get the most out of it, it is helpful to use all the tools you have available and create a ritual.

As the "leader of bedtime rituals for my family," i have introduced music, lighting, and nutritional variations to help us all achieve a better quality of sleep. We eliminate stimulants that might prevent us from falling asleep. To better help my young children, I play the Bedtime Beats CDs nightly in order to help them wind down. We even use them on car trips to help the kids sleep when we are driving at night! As a nutritionist, I am naturally vigilant about my family's "bedtime eats."

We strive to eliminate the foods and pastimes that are overly stimulating and choose to promote the foods that are more easily digested thereby promoting a sense of fatigue.

As your Nutrition and Wellness Bedtime Coach, I will be guiding you through the latest breakthroughs in bedtime nutrition. From my kitchen to yours, I'll offer recipes and easy remedies for sleep and relaxation. My recipes will be tested with care and aimed at your overall wellness.

I will also be providing simple suggestions on "how to" eliminate stimulants (many of which are hidden) and will help you make better food choices that lead to an easier body wind-down at bedtime. You will be surprised to learn how many better food and drink choices are at your fingertips. Together, we can discover all that is new and helpful for you and your family.


Gayle's Bedtime Profile

Bedtime Bling

Sequined headband

Nightly Nosh

Peeled, sliced apples

Bedtime Book

I sometimes read a few pages; not work related!

Sleep Secret

Hot milk with honey and no computer at least two hours before bedtime

Sleep Suit

Soft PJ pants and button down top - usually matching

Crash Pad


Lights Out

By 10PM