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Elisabeth Halfpapp

Body & Mind Specialist
Elisabeth Halfpapp

Elisabeth is the co-founder of the critically acclaimed Core Fusion program and is the Vice President of Mind Body Programming at New York City’s prestigious and popular, Exhale Spa. She is a featured fitness celebrity and renowned teacher. She has appeared on The Today Show, ABC News, Extra and numerous other television outlets. Elisabeth designed “Night Moves,” a series of breathing-based exercises designed to promote relaxation and sleep, exclusively for BedtimeNetwork and featuring the sounds of Bedtime Beats – The Secret to Sleep.

My transition from the day to "bedtime" begins with exercises that are based from the core fusion fitness program that my husband/business partner Fred DeVito and I created for Exhale. We have been in the fitness industry together for over a combined total of 50 years. These exercises are based on a fusion of the Lotte Berk Method (we evolved these exercises, managed, teacher trained, and taught for over 22 years), core conditioning, dance, yoga, pilates, sports conditioning, orthopedic advanced physical therapy, and meditation.

We believe that all physical and mental movement initiates from the breath. The breath connects the mind to the body, the principle life force of the human body, the center of our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical being. Thus all these exercises are based on the breath and begin with the breath. The aware breathing will help to bring about the transition that we need to prepare ourselves to rest and sleep soundly, producing a calm relaxed energy. You will experience an inner state of calm and balance while simultaneously releasing physical muscular tension in the most stressful muscles of the body.

These exercises are easy to follow and can be done separately or together. As they don't require any special equipment, they are economical and ideal to do at home and while traveling. By integrating this practice into your nightly bedtime ritual, you will shift your energy and calm your mind.

Change your clothes from your day to initiate this special time of the day...envision a calm place in nature…sleep well...

With best wishes,


Elisabeth's Bedtime Profile

Bedtime Bling

Rosebud clear lip-gloss

Nightly Nosh

Air-popped popcorn, plain

Bedtime Book

Any good fiction based on historical events or familiar locations

Sleep Secret

Hugging my husband of 26 plus years and a buckwheat hull pillow

Sleep "Suit"

A pair of long cotton or flannel bottoms, 2004 "Madonna Invention Tour" long-sleeve t-shirt and cotton socks

Crash Pad

My king-sized eco-friendly-made mattress

Lights Out

11pm, latest