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Say Goodbye to Daylight Savings

It's that time again when we "fall back," to standard time as Daylight Savings comes to an end.  Mornings and evenings will both be darker for a while now, even the roosters are confused...but perhaps it's time to do like the squirrels and bears; hunker down and hibernate. At the very least, catch a few more zzzs this coming Sunday.

Here in the United States, Daylight Savings time is coming to an end. :(  At 2am on Sunday, November 3rd (or right before you hit the hay on Saturday night), the majority of us will turn our clocks backward one hour.  (Our friends in most of Arizona, Hawaii and Puerto Rico don’t have to do anything since they follow standard time throughout the year.) 

With all the technological bells and whistles on phones and other electronics, in many cases our clocks automatically will turn backward for us.  But remember, technology isn’t perfect.  Don’t rely on the automatic change.  Make sure that your phone, clock, oven, cable box, computer and any other device you have reflect the correct time.  You don’t want to blame technology for your tardiness.

This time change means that soon the sun will set earlier, making the day seem far too short for yours truly and many others.

While the time change may not be cause for celebration (ever heard of a daylight saving or standard time party?), many use the date as a reminder to take care of things that you need to do twice a year:

  • flip your mattress
  • change the batteries in your smoke alarm
  • change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector
  • dispose of expired medications properly (many drug stores will take them back)
  • check your first aid kit and replace anything you’re missing

Nothing particularly exciting but these things need to be done.  Let us know if there are other “to do” items we should add to the list.  And get out there and enjoy these last days of daylight saving.