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Can't Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep or both? Four Simple and Free Fixes for Better Zzzzzs

Four free fixes for a better bedtime.  Have you had a better offer lately?  Bedtime Network's Lisa Mercurio offers a few simple cures for the lurking insomniac and promises four more before you can say, "buona notte."  While we've got your attention, do you know if you're a back sleeper, a front sleeper or a side sleeper?  Hint: the secret lies in where you begin, not where you end the night, but we'll save the pillow talk for another day...

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Which one are you? The guy or gal that can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep?  Perhaps you’re in the worst category.  Both. 

You’re doing everything but sleeping in your bed.

Last week, I received a letter from a prominent Hollywood guy reporting that he’s an “awful sleeper, “ but I find that most of the letters or questions I answer come from men and women that are a little of both; meaning that they can sometimes fall asleep easily but wake in the middle of the night or, that they can’t fall asleep at all and then, toss and turn.





Getting up to take a 3 am pee is normal, by the way, and doesn’t qualify as disturbed sleep.  But clearly, we all suffer from an occasional bout of insomnia, mostly brought about by a tangible life event eg. too much on the mind from something ongoing and troubling.  I call it monkey brain.  But when either insomnia or disrupted sleep becomes your regular pattern, that’s when it’s time to take a closer look.

As a means of getting “ahead” of your sleep troubles, you might want to start with this easy list of four, simple sleep fixes:

1 – End your consumption of caffeinated beverages by noon, daily.  Remember, it can take your body up to 9 hours to process a single cup of coffee.  Need an afternoon pick me up?  Go for a brisk walk or practice some light stretching next to your office chair.  Whatever you do, get your blood moving and stay away from extra sugar.

2 – Happy Hour.  Remember, it ain’t so happy to be watching the clock at 3 am, so while a martini or a cabernet can be relaxing in the moment, end your consumption of alcoholic beverages at least two hours before bedtime.  Alcohol can be a stimulant and, it can impede your ability to fall into a truly restful sleeping state. Stop the wine at 9 (if bedtime begins at 11.)

3 – Turn off your blue lights.  Television, computers, smartphones and tablets all emit blue light.  Blue light keeps you from producing melatonin, necessary for a good night’s sleep.  While the television used to be the one and only culprit (it stayed up long after we said “nightie night,”) many report checking their smartphones throughout the night and all the way up until bedtime.  Take control of your head/sleep space and unplug!

4 - Try a warm shower or bath before bedtime.  An all-time fave of yours truly, warm water relaxes your body and most profoundly, raises your body temperature.  When you emerge from your soak, put on some cozy socks (if nothing more), and get under the covers and take a deep breath.  Exhale.  Turn down the lights.  When your body temperature cools down, the brain gets a signal that it’s time for sleep.  “Calgon take me away…”

With any luck, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time, and in the meantime, if this doesn’t fix everything, we’ll be back with another list of four before you can say,

“Good night.”