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Camp Reveille with Joan Lunden

The First Ladies of Sleep head to Joan Lunden's Camp Reveille for a bedtime bash under the stars hoping to share bedtime secrets with eager women campers.


While many kids have just finished camp, on Thursday morning Lisa and I will be driving up to Naples, Maine to spend four days at Joan Lunden’s Camp Reveille, a summer getaway for women.


We had the pleasure of having lunch with Joan this Spring and we were so excited when she invited us to share our “sleep secrets” with her and her campers.  During our talk, “Desperately Seeking Sleep,” (how many women do you know who don’t crave sleep?) we’ll work with campers to assess their “sleep situation” and to design a bedtime ritual that will help them get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.


During our free time, Lisa and I are looking forward to morning meditation, canoeing on Long Lake, and maybe even taking at stab at archery.  And of course, we can’t wait for the s’mores and songs around the campfire!  (Do they make gluten free graham crackers & marshmallows?) After all, it’s part of the camp experience, right?


Many camps require kids to leave their cell phones at home but luckily I don’t think Camp Reveille does.  Now that would be a challenge!  But wouldn’t it be so liberating to disengage for a few days?


The ride to camp is about seven hours.  Can you recommend any songs to add to our playlist? One thing's for certain, at the very least, there will be Bedtime Beats...