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Bedtime on the Bay

Sometimes, not often enough, bedtime away from home is even better.  Bedtime Network's Cindy Bressler had a sublime experience last weekend and shares the details.  Was it the bed, the pillow or the vino?  You decide.

Last weekend was the perfect weekend. 


My husband, Ken, and I (accompanied by our 112-pound mutt, Titan) headed to East Hampton, New York to visit dear friends. 


During the summer months, the drive out to the Hamptons can be pretty brutal.  But last weekend our drive out East was easy: bright blue skies, good music and minimal traffic.


When we arrived at our friends’ house on Gardiners’ Bay, Titan made himself right at home by immediately peeing on the chair on the deck.  Nice entrance.  I was mortified. 


The rest of the day was wonderful.  We took Titan and our friends’ dogs (a pug and a pit bull, so they were quite the trio) to the East Hampton dog park, hiked the Walking Dunes in Napeague (absolutely spectacular!), shopped in Amagansett (picked up a cute pair of espadrilles) and returned to their house for an evening of wine (lots of it) and a delicious dinner of baby artichokes, fantastic tomato pasta and too many of the best cookies from Sherry b Dessert Studio


By far, the highlight of the day/evening was the amazing, phenomenal, incredible (I could go on and on) view from the deck at sunset.  It was much better than this photo and this photo is pretty fabulous.


We cleaned up and headed to bed shortly after 11 o’clock.  I was a little concerned that all the wine and food would not lead to a good night’s sleep.  I was wrong.  I slept really well.  So did Ken.


It seemed there was some sort of pillowtop on the mattress.  We’ve tried a pillowtop at home and while I liked it, it was too soft for Ken and we couldn’t use it.  For some reason, this “pillowtop,” was just right for both of us.  I had to find out what it was.  First thing in the morning, I asked my friend.  Turns out it is a down-filled mattress pad from the Downtown Company.  

The bed was a Simmons Beauty Rest “Legend.”  The pair made for a great night’s sleep.


It has been one week since our beautiful weekend on the bay and I can still see that marvelous sunset.  Can a down-filled mattress pad be far behind?