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The Wall Bed

Bedtime Network's Lisa Mercurio explores the virtue of the Wall Bed.  No longer just a Murphy Bed, this new and stylish one by Bestar is available at Costco and definitely turning heads.

Looks pretty chic to us though it does require assembly!  Power tools, anyone?

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It's summertime and already, many of us have done a bit of bed hopping.  Whether while on vacation or during little weekend hops, chances are good you might have or still might spend a night or two outside the comfort of your own bed.  Perhaps you're a camping family and you're enjoying the summertime pleasures of roughing it on the ground in a tent and sleeping bag.  More luxuriously inclined?  Maybe you've opted for a hotel in Waikiki with sultry breezes passing through your open lanai.  Yeah! More typically, perhaps you are like our family, playing host to a nomadic guest and his/her family just passing through.  Yes.  We've had a few people come into town; after all, we're in New York City and it's an easy stopover for anyone traveling up and down the east coast or headed for a European junket. We generally offer our friends a night on a great air mattress; one that we bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond about six years ago. It's a queen-size thing that inflates in a matter of minutes.  No one has ever complained about it and I have to admit, every time we open it, it seems to call out and say, "jump on me," sort of like a trampoline would!

I myself have spent a summer night or two on a weekend couch when visiting with my running team on Fire Island last month.  The couch was by choice because my designated roommate, though I love her, is a notable and self-admitted snorer.  I don't know about you but I do know that I'd much prefer a slightly uncomfortable couch than a pulsing eardrum brought about by the rattle of a snoring roommate.  In the end, the couch was great; exactly my height and truly cozy.  There was a fair amount of street noise out there on the living room couch not to mention the sunshine effect brought on by un-shaded skylights that poured in on me first thing in the morning and yet, I awoke with a smile on my face.  After all, these are my running buddies and we're there to run, hit the beach, eat and enjoy each other's company outside of the city once a year.  No complaints.

But what I'm really writing about here is alternative bedding provisions.  During a trip to Costco just last week, I noticed more than a few new bedding and sleep items on prominent display.  Costco seems to know the two essentials of life.  People eat and people sleep! They've got a big selection of designer pajamas (heck, I've seen some of these same designers in Bloomingdale's), self-cooling pillows and, if you've been following my bedtime blog, you know that I've written before about their mattress offerings (would you buy one there?  Why wouldn't you?)  But these days, they are using their warehouse space to display some big furniture.  At first blush, this new offering looks like a china breakfront, you know, the kind that was very popular in the 70s and 80s.  In the 90s, prior to flat screen TVs, we stored our big Sony Trinitron inside one and I'm betting you might have too.  Now, it seems that the furniture makers of America are storing twin, queen and even king sized beds inside.  Who knew?

I stopped to grab a snapshot of this one.  Masquerading as living room cabinetry, it is called, "Wall Bed by Bestar."

I was shocked to realize that this well-crafted piece houses a full bed.  Seems like a great solution when floor space is tough or tight, it made me think about the old Murphy Beds.  Often the stuff of slapstick routines (you know, the guy gets stuck in the bed and swallowed up and into the wall), I wondered about the history of these beds.  Invented by Mr. Murphy, in the early 1900s, they seem like a great solution though they have been criticized by designers and homeowners who complain that they take up a full wall, can't possibly house a quality mattress and therefore, aren't so perfect.

So here's the next solution.  You can move this Bestar Wall Bed around the room.  It doesn't have to occupy the same wall space all the time, and, when you're not using it, it's a decorative piece of furniture.  I did not have the opportunity to do the trampoline routine on this baby, but it certainly did get me thinking.  If I had a spare bedroom, this just might be the way to go.  I wonder if my guests would like it better than the air mattress?  Hmmm. Maybe we'll find out next summer.